Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Links - 2009/11/06

I thought I'd add a weekly list of links that I found interesting over the course of the week. Here is the first installment. Some of these links may be old, they are presented in the week that I get to them, not necessarily the week they hit the 'tubes.

Blue Brain Project - A project to simulate a brain, pretty neat.

Where smoking kills most people - In developed countries, surpriiiiiiiise.

Shazam - Not Magic After All - How that Shazam program works, pretty neat.

F# and workflows - A short blurb + links about F# and workflows (which are monads). F# seems to have some pretty neat stuff.

Algae and Light Help Injured Mice Walk Again - Pretty amazing article on 'optigenetics".

Machine Learning - Stanford - Videos of Stanford course on Machine Learning (according to klafka the best part of stats).

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