Thursday, November 12, 2009

Friday links - 2009/11/13

Smashing the Mega-d/Ozdok botnet in 24 hours - Pretty neat story of taking down a large botnet

3D Mandelbrot Set - purdy pictures

Google can render LaTeX math - Very nice feature to easily get proper mathematical equations in your webpages

Interview with John Hughes - John Hughes talking about Erlang and Haskell, I need to check out QuickCheck it sounds rad. I really like the end of this when he asks where the next order of magnitude in decreasing code size will come from.

Python Language Moratorium - A moratorium has been put on the Python language so that other implementations can catch up. This might mean we'll get an implementation that makes some aggressive optimizations

Cool Haskell Function - Shows off how simple and powerful Haskell can be

Philosophizing about Programming - MarkCC talks about his experiences with Haskell and why he thinks functional languages are great for building large systems

Google Go Language - Another MarkCC post. Go has made a lot of noise this week, it looks like it has promise

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