Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Unicorn is Unix, What?

I'm late to this blog post but @apgwoz just sent it to me. I found it pretty silly. Apparently we should like Unicorn because it uses a lot of Unix system calls...
There’s another problem with Unix programming in Ruby that I’ll just touch on briefly: Java people and Windows people. They’re going to tell you that fork(2) is bad because they don’t have it on their platform, or it sucks on their platform, or whatever, but it’s cool, you know, because they have native threads, and threads are like, way better anyways.

Fuck that.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that fork(2) is bad. Thirty years from now, there will still be a fork(2) and a pipe(2) and a exec(2) and smart people will still be using them to solve hard problems reliably and predictably, just like they were thirty years ago.
False dichotomies are the best form of logic.

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