Monday, August 15, 2005


I think the basic design for my identd is going to be:
  1. Start a process which takes a port and a function.
  2. On a new connection, start a process to handle the connection with the function given.
  3. Go back to waiting.
  4. The new process will read in the port numbers, parse them out, then call the function given with the port information
  5. The function does what it needs to and returns the information
  6. The process responds on the socket with the correct information.
I think this would work good with gen_server behavior, unforunatly I don't quite understand superivsion tree's that well. I will write it the ad-hoc way first then once I figure out the correct method rewrite it that way.
This framework shouldn't be too hard, making a correct identd function which actually gets the user from the ports might be. Basic one will just return a random identd.

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