Monday, July 9, 2012

The Erl Next Door

The Erl Next Door, also known as TEND, is a project created for SpawnFest2012 by MononcQc and I. The hope of TEND is to make playing with Erlang easier.

Ever wanted to show someone your cool Erlang hack or teach them a something about Erlang, but getting their project setup was too complicated? With TEND, you can now provide them a URL that will setup all of the dependencies.

TEND takes three kinds of URLs:

  1. An HTML document. The document can link to other document types through LINK or A tags but setting REL to "erlang-tend".
  2. A raw .erl file.
  3. A zip of an OTP application. This will be compiled for you, assuming it has a Makefile, rebar, or Emakfile. You can link to the ZIP link in Github.

The project page has all of the details, but the basic idea is in the shell you can run tend:load with a URL and everything will be loaded. In fact, this blog post can be loaded with TEND. This post links to the calc example from LYSE. Once it's loaded you can do calc:rpn("10 10 + 2 /"). . Just do:


The official github repo is here:

We have also made a small demonstration site:

The SpawnFest2012 repo:

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